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Old 05-11-2019, 12:52 AM
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Default A stories about quit smoking

How to say?In a nutshell, because smoking cigarettes is nasty.
My boyfriend has over over 20 years smoking experience and smelled like open drains when he start talking. I have no motivation, was tired all of the time to talk with him but I give up for that I couldn’t breath. He tried quitting so many times and tried everything including the patch, cold turkey, Wellbutrin, the gum, the fake cigs etc. He didn’t try Chantax for watching a friend lose her mind on that stuff so he was too afraid to try it.Never use a drug to kill anther drug.You 'll fail.
One day I recommend he with ijoy vape and he asked a million questions about it. Is it bad for you, (like cigs weren’t) does it really work, what milligram of nicotine should I start with, where do I get one, etc. He tried it and it didn’t work but this was back in 2009–2010. He tried it a few more times but it still didn’t work. He was using those ecigs that looked like reg cigs that came with the prefilled cartridges and those things back then, sucked.
IJOY vape that had a tank on it. One of those little Vape_KIT where you put your own e-liquid in them. He tried that and immediately went out and bought one. I set my quit date for him and he was ready to go. It was New Years Day like every other year where he tried to quit and that usually only lasted anywhere from 4 to 24 hours. Well, on New Years Eve, He went to the store and bought the last pack of smokes and about 30 min later. He was being rushed to the hospital for an emergency surgery. When they told him they were going to admit him, he panicked. He hadn’t even smoked a cig out of that pack. And since he couldn’t smoke in the hospital, he tried to “go out to my car for something” and they reminded him that this was an emergency. So he sent me to his house to grab the ecig starter kit and he vaped in the hospital(OMG,God forgive him). It was one of those really small vapes that didn’t put out the big cloud of vapor. On day three of his hospital stay, I was sitting there when it occurred to me; He hadn’t had a cig in three days and he hadn’t even noticed. He haven’t had a reg cig since New Years Eve of 2013. He even opened up a vape shop about 8 months later because he quit so easily. Then I often hear stories like this from many people.
What a good news,in 2015, the Department of Health in the United Kingdom deemed vaping 95% safer than smoking. That number went up to 97% in 2017. The Royal College of England also found similar results. The FDA in the United States, the ones who “regulate” Big Tobaco and Big Pharmaceuticals, are just now getting around to doing these studies. It blows my mind what companies will do for the dollar. Big Pharma wants you sick to sell you their drugs, Big Tobacco makes you sick and the FDA gets kick backs from both of these entities.
You will hear all kinds of “negative” things about vaping. Check the sources on those. A lot of times, they are Big Tobacco, Big Pharma or the FDA. They are all in bed together.
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ijoy vape, quit smoking

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