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Old 02-25-2013, 07:41 PM
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Default E46 M3 MSS54 DME Error Code Comparison Table

I'm trying to create a complete list of error codes for the MSS54, as far as I know there's no complete list anywhere online yet.
If anybody has more info or tips, please post up.
The list is not complete yet, I think having cross references helps understand the code better if one program gives you a vague description, or no description at all.
Lines preceded by "???" might not be accurate. They have been pulled out of "similar" DMEs.

The first two colums are the error code # in decimal and hexadecimal. The third column tells you if that code will trigger an OBD2 relevant code. The fourth column is the description, some of these have been paraphrased. The last 4 columns are the possible variations of the codes. The variation code table is in post #3.
For example:
Code 170, AA, Minimum flow of secondary air, could have four versions: 23-Bench 1 too small; 24-Bench 2 too small; 25-both Benches too small or 09-1000 - Condition / value implausible / over-temperature
101 Relay fuel pump    
202 Idle control valve, closing coil    
303P0201,P0261,P0262Fuel injector, cyl. 1    
404P0203Fuel injector, cyl. 3    
505P0202,P0264,P0265Fuel injector, cyl. 2    
606P1611Time out SMG-CAN    
707P0340Signal, camshaft sensor, inlet    
808 Signal, camshaft sensor, outlet    
909YESSignal, knock sensor, cyl. 1-206160809
100AP0365Signal, camshaft sensor, exhaust    
110B Signal, camshaft sensor, intake    
120C Signal, oxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 4-6    
130D Signal, oxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 1-3    
140EP1602DM-TL Heater    
150F Camshaft sensor 1, synchronization to crankshaft    
1610P0335Signal, crankshaft sensor    
1711 SMG shift sequence    
1812YES??? VANOS pressure-accumulator valve06070809
1913P0418Secondary air pump relay    
2014 Starter relay    
2115 Exhaust VANOS, retard valve    
2216 Exhaust VANOS, advance valve    
2317YESIgnition coil, cyl. 214150809
2418YESIgnition coil, cyl. 314150809
2519YESIgnition coil, cyl. 114150809
261AYESIgnition coil, cyl. 814150809
271B Tank leakage diagnosis valve    
281CYES??? Function, map coolingE1E00809
291D Idle control valve opening coil    
301E Monitoring AD-converter    
311FP0205Fuel injector, cyl. 5    
3220P0206Fuel injector, cyl. 6    
3321P0204Fuel injector, cyl. 4    
3422 Fuel injector, cyl. 7    
3523 Fuel injector, cyl. 8    
3624 Tank ventilation valve    
3725P0135Oxygen sensor heater before cat., cyl. 1-3060708EF
3826P0155Oxygen sensor heater before cat., cyl. 4-6060708EF
3927P0036Oxygen sensor heater after cat., cyl. 1-3060708EF
4028P0056Oxygen sensor heater after cat., cyl. 4-6060708EF
4129 Signal, mass air flow sensor    
422A P0500Road speed signal PIN 4-22    
432B Signal, temperature sensor, radiator outlet    
442CYESSignal, thermal oil level sensorEDEE0809
452D Electric throttle: servomotor    
462E Output, consumption signal KVA    
472F Output, engine-speed signal TD    
4830 Interface, IHKA relay    
4931 internal index 95    
5032YESIgnition coil, cyl. 414150809
5133YESIgnition coil, cyl. 614150809
5234YESIgnition coil, cyl. 514150809
5335 Interface, electric fan relay    
5436 System voltage, main relay    
5537YESIgnition coil, cyl. 714150809
5638 internal index 96    
5739 Signal, mass air flow sensor, left    
583A Voltage supply, sensors 1    
593B Voltage supply, sensors 2    
603C Signal, pedal travel sensor 1    
613D Signal, pedal travel sensor 2    
623E internal index 97    
633F Secondary air valve    
6440 internal index 98    
6541 Signal, throttle potentiometer and el. throttle actuator    
6642 EWS interface: no communication    
6743 Inlet VANOS, advance valve    
6844 SMG safety concept    
6945YESSignal, knock sensor, cyl. 3-406160809
7046YESSignal, knock sensor, cyl. 5-606160809
7147YESSignal, knock sensor, cyl. 7-806160809
7248 Inlet VANOS, retard valve    
7349YESSignal, mass air flow sensor, implausible060708E5
744A Inlet VANOS, bank 2, advance valve    
754B Inlet VANOS, bank 2, retard valve    
764C Ambient pressure sensor (DME internal)    
774DP0113Intake manifold air temperature sensor    
784EYESSignal, temperature sensor, coolant060708E4
794FP1490Signal, temperature sensor, exhaust gas    
8050YESSwitch chain, frictional connection1D071E09
8151P1568Interface, multifunction steering wheelB40EB6B7
8252 Activation, exhaust flap    
8353 Exhaust VANOS, bank 2, advance valve    
8454 Exhaust VANOS, bank 2, retard valve    
8555 Signal, throttle-valve potentiometer    
8656P0600No CAN-bus signal to DME0D070809
8757P0140Signal, oxygen sensor after cat., cyl. 1-3    
8858P0160Signal, oxygen sensor after cat., cyl. 4-6    
8959 Internal DME fault    
905AYESTrim control, cyl. 1-3DCDD0809
915BYESTrim control, cyl. 4-6DCDD0809
925CP0139Oxygen sensor after cat., cyl. 1-3: voltage monitoring0607DEDF
935DP0159Oxygen sensor after cat., cyl. 4-6: voltage monitoring0607DEDF
945E Inlet-VANOS adaptation    
955F Exhaust-VANOS adaptation    
9660YESRadiator outlet temperature implausible06070850
9761 internal index 244    
9862 internal index 245    
9963 Internal DME fault    
10064 ??? Internal error / Signal, tire pressure, front left    
10165 Signal, tire pressure, front right    
10266 Signal, tire pressure, rear right    
10367 Signal, tire pressure, rear left    
10468 ??? Wrong values in fault memory    
10569P0128Plausibility engine temperature    
1066A Signal, brake light switch    
1076BYESElectric throttle: self-testE0202122
1086C Activation, oil circuit changeover valve, left    
1096D Activation, oil circuit changeover valve, right    
1106E Function light, switch, driving dynamics    
1116FYESPedal travel sensor, comparison fault06B50809
11270YESPedal-position sensor, comparison fault06B50809
11371YESFunction, inlet VANOS, bank 218191A09
11472YESFunction, exhaust VANOS, bank 218191A09
11573 internal: ECU-temperature    
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Old 02-25-2013, 07:42 PM
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11674 Activation, valve, Servotronic    
11775YESRoad speed signal via CAN0607E909
11876 Electric throttle: signal, potentiometer, throttle    
11977P0221Signal, potentiometer, servomotor06B50809
12078YESElectric throttle: potentiometer, signal comparison06B50809
12179YESElectric throttle: both potentiometers faulty0607FA09
1227AYESDME internal processor check    
1237B No CAN-bus signal from SMG    
1247CYESCSL intake flap06070809
1257DYESFunction lamp, oil level06070809
1267E Crash deactivation, fuel pump    
1277FYESTank leakage diagnosis module06EBFEFF
12880 Deviation idling speed    
12981YESCat. protection function – limp mode06070809
13082P1665EWS 3.3 tampering protection10111213
13183YESDSC intervention implausible0607080B
13284P1613CAN timeout DSC06070C09
13385P0600CAN timeout, steering angle sensor06070C09
13486P1612CAN timeout, instrument cluster06070C09
13587P0500No road speed signal08080808
13688YESFunction, idle speed controlE0E1E209
13789 Suction-jet pump    
1388A Activation, differential lock    
1398BP0564Interruption, cruise-control operationB0B1B2B3
1408CYESKnock control deactivated/knock protection1707F709
1418D Tank fill level implausible    
1428E System check, suction jet pump for brake boosting    
1438F Activation, electronics box fan    
14490YESFunction, oxygen sensor control, cyl. 1-31B1C0809
14591YESFunction, oxygen sensor control, cyl. 4-61B1C0809
14692 internal index 105    
14793 ??? Function, map cooling / internal index 106    
14894 EWS 3.3 interface DME-EWS/Interface    
14995P0313Error if tank is empty    
15096YESinternal: Memory test MasterF3F4FCFD
15197YESinternal: driver diagnostics chainF5070809
15298YESinternal: Communication master0607FA09
15399 internal index 87    
1549AYESCrankcase breather06070809
1559BYESinternal: Adaption-EEPROM masterF6F0F1F2
1569CYESinternal: Adaption-EEPROM SlaveF6F0F1F2
1579DYESinternal: Memory test SlaveF3F4FCFD
1589EP0606internal: Resets SlaveF8F9FA09
1599FYESInternal DME fault: knock control 11707F709
160A0YESInternal DME fault: knock control 21707F709
161A1YESInternal DME fault: knock control signal path06070E09
162A2YESCamshaft sensor, bank 2: synchronization to crankshaft060708E3
163A3P0606Reset DME possibly due to overspeedF8F9FA09
164A4 ??? Atmospheric-pressure sensor / internal index 99    
165A5 internal index 100    
166A6 internal index 101    
167A7 internal index 102    
168A8 ??? Activation, fault lamp (Check Engine) / internal index 103    
169A9 internal index 104    
170AAYESMinimum flow of secondary air23242509
171ABYESFunction, secondary air injector valveEB070809
172AC VANOS admission pressure pump    
173ADYESContinuous signal term. 50, starter switchEC070809
174AEP0172Multiplicative mixture adaptation, cyl. 1-3 control limit reachedC9CACBCC
175AFP0175Multiplicative mixture adaptation, cyl. 4-6 control limit reachedC9CACBCC
176B0 Abort, Tank leakage diagnosis, due to moisture    
177B1YESMIL lights up due to prompt from SMG06070830
178B2P0420Catalytic converter conversion, cyl. 1-3D7070809
179B3P0430Catalytic converter conversion, cyl. 4-6D7070809
180B4YESTank leak detectedD8D908DA
181B5YESFuel filler cap open/missingD8D8D8D8
182B6P0216Over-temperature on injection driver 1060708FB
183B7P0200Over-temperature on injection driver 2060708FB
184B8YESFunction, inlet VANOS1819C609
185B9YESFunction, exhaust VANOS18191A09
186BA Ignition coil, cylinder 1    
187BB Ignition coil, cylinder 2    
188BC Ignition coil, cylinder 3    
189BD Ignition coil, cylinder 4    
190BE Ignition coil, cylinder 5    
191BF Ignition coil, cylinder 6    
192C0 Ignition coil, cylinder 7    
193C1 Ignition coil, cylinder 8    
194C2 Electric throttle, limp home program from cruise control mode – engine runs on ICV only.    
195C3YESDeviation, setpoint torque from actual torqueC2C3C4C5
196C4P0301Misfire, cyl.1, with cylinder cutoutBDBABBBC
197C5P0302Misfire, cyl.2, with cylinder cutoutBDBABBBC
198C6P0303Misfire, cyl.3, with cylinder cutoutBDBABBBC
199C7P0304Misfire, cyl.4, with cylinder cutoutBDBABBBC
200C8P0305Misfire, cyl.5, with cylinder cutoutBDBABBBC
201C9P0306Misfire, cyl.6, with cylinder cutoutBDBABBBC
202CAP0307Misfire, cyl.7, with cylinder cutoutBDBABBBC
203CBP0308Misfire, cyl.8, with cylinder cutoutBDBABBBC
204CCP0300,P0363Misfiring, several cylinders, with cylinder cutoutBDBABBBC
205CDP0301Misfire, cyl.1, without cylinder cutoutBDBFBEBC
206CEP0302Misfire, cyl.2, without cylinder cutoutBDBFBEBC
207CFP0303Misfire, cyl.3, without cylinder cutoutBDBFBEBC
208D0P0304Misfire, cyl.4, without cylinder cutoutBDBFBEBC
209D1P0305Misfire, cyl.5, without cylinder cutoutBDBFBEBC
210D2P0306Misfire, cyl.6, without cylinder cutoutBDBFBEBC
211D3P0307Misfire, cyl.7, without cylinder cutoutBDBFBEBC
212D4P0308Misfire, cyl.8, without cylinder cutoutBDBFBEBC
213D5P0300,P0316Misfiring of several cylinders without cylinder cutoutBDBFBEBC
214D6YESOxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 1-3, period durationD2D30809
215D7YESOxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 4-6, period durationD2D30809
216D8YESOxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 1-3, jump timeCDCE0809
217D9YESOxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 4-6, jump timeCDCE0809
218DAYESOxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 1-3, signal deviationCF070809
219DBYESOxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 4-6, signal deviationCF070809
220DC DME internal processor check    
221DDYESSystem test, crankcase breather06EA0809
222DEYESNo CAN-bus signal from supplementary control module06070C09
223DFYESCharge-air pressure sensor, range check06070840
224E0YESplausibility loading signal06070809
225E1YESOutside temperature from instrument cluster implausible06076061
226E2YESTime value from instrument cluster implausible06076263
227E3 ??? Activation, battery disconnecting switch / internal index 79    
228E4 Electric throttle: limit violation    
229E5 Electric throttle: control deviation    
230E6YESElectric throttle: setpoint/actual-value monitoringE0E11F1A
231E7YESDME internal processor check0607FA09
232E8 Function test, tank ventilation system    
233E9 ??? Activation, automatic starting device / internal index 85    
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Code variations. To be used as reference for the last 4 columns of the table above.

01Error after debouncing stored
02Error present
03Error not present
04Static error
05Sporadic error
060001 - Short circuit to battery or value too high
070010 - Short circuit to ground or value too small
080100 - Broken wire / Value missing
091000 - Condition / value implausible / over-temperature
0AOBD exhaust relevant error
0Bimplausible telegram content
0Ctelegram not received
0Dtoo many messages
0Fopen circuit or short circuit
10Start value defective
11Changing code lost
12Start value empty
14Secondary circuit
15Primary circuit
16Signal level too low
17Signalpegel too high
18Actual value too high
19Actual value too low
1ANominal value not reached
1BUpper regulator limit
1CLower regulator limit
1DGrip at stop
1ENo grip while driving
1Fclosing not correct
20Error security disconnection
21Closing coil defective
22Nominal/actual-comparison error
23Bench 1 too small
24Bench 2 too small
25both Benches too small
30MIL-requirement by SMG
40preasure intaken manifold > preasure environment at running engine
50T-increase too low or coolant warmer than engine
60error detection environmental temperature inside CAN-telegramm
61detection hanging sensor after long vehicle-non-driving-time
62implausible vehicle-non-driving-time
63implausible relative time during engine operation
B0Acceleration n to v
B1Deceleration switch off
B2Maximum engine speed
B3v-signal not plausible
B4Format error
B5Redundancy comparison
B6unexpected code
B7no toggle bit
BAwithin FTP-cycle
BBoutside FTP-cycle
BCin 1st measuring interval warm up
BDwarm up in opearting interval
BEin 1st measuring interval
BFin operating interval
C0Cat. damaging
C1exhaust worsening
C2Zero moment value check
C3Nominal/Actual moment check
C4Minimal engine moment area check
C5Engine moment area check
C6no pressure
C9Idle speed-MAX-error
CAIdle speed-MIN-error
CBPart load-MAX-error
CCPart load-MIN-error
CDLean rise time too long
CERich rise time too long
CFSensor movement too small
D0TV-shift nach cat too high
D1TV-shift before cat too high
D2Period length too high
D3Period length too small
D4no positive gradient
D5no negative gradient
D6Sensor voltage after movement implausible
D7Limitation exceeded
D8Rough leackage
D9Fine leackage
DACurrent curve not plausible
DBSensor voltage when re-activated
DCTV-value too high
DDTV-value too small
DESensor voltage too rich after removing power
DFSensor voltage too lean after re-starting
E0pinch open
E1pinch closed
E2Leak air
E3Signal position not plausible
E4Raising ramp not plausible
E5Signal unplausibel against filling
E6Position regulator does not react
E7Adaption run does not take place
E8Deviation against 2nd poti too high
E9DSC reports V-error
EAFlow too small
EBValve pinches
ECSwitch pinches
EDPulse width too large
EEPulse width too small
EFHeating broken
F0No adaptions and calibration values saved
F1Error memory check sum wrong
F2No error memory saved
F5Check word not recognized
F6No EWS-change code stored
F7internal interface disturbed
FAAbort/Function-Time out
FBDriver disconnection because of over load
FEReference current too small
FFReference current too high
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Cross-reference table. If you have one scanner, but the code is not listed, or vague, here are what different scanners define them as:

Column 1 is the error code # in decimal.
Column 2 is the error code # in hex.
Column 3 is the error as INPA would describe it.
Column 4 is the error as DIS would describe it.
Column 5 is the error as it is described in the PEAKE reader manual Table 18.

DecimalHexINPA DescriptionDIS DescriptionPeake reader Description
0010x01Relay fuel pumpDriver/relay, fuel pumpFuel pump relay
0020x02Idling control closing coilIdle speed control valve, NO windingIdle speed actuator (close)
0030x03Intake valve 1Fuel injector, cyl. 1Fuel injector, Cyl #1
0040x04Intake valve 3Fuel injector, cyl. 3Fuel injector. Cyl #3
0050x05Intake valve 2Fuel injector, cyl. 2Fuel Injector, Cyl #2
0060x06Time out SMG-CANTimeout SMG-CANTimeout SMG-CAN
0070x07EVANOS1-Hall sensorSignal, camshaft sensor, inletIntake camshaft position sensor, Cyl #1-4
0080x08EVANOS2-Hall sensorSignal, camshaft sensor, outletIntake camshaft position sensor, Cy\ #5·8
0090x09Knocking sensor 1Signal, knock sensor, cyl. 1-2Knock sensor, Cyl #1·2
0100x0AAVANOS1-Hall sensorSignal, camshaft sensor, exhaustExhaust camshaft position sensor, Cyl #1-4
0110x0BAVANOS2-Hall sensorVANOS testExhaust camshaft position sensor, Cyl #5-8
0120x0CLambda sensor 2 before catSignal, oxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 4-6PreCat 02 sensor, Cyl #5·8
0130x0DLambda sensor 1 before catSignal, oxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 1-3PreCat 02 sensor. Cy\ #1-4
0140x0ELDP-Heater Tank small leak
0150x0FSynchronisation CS-sensor 1 with KWCamshaft sensor, synchronization to crankshaftCrankshafUCamshaft position correlation, Cyl #1-4
0160x10KW-inductive sensorSignal, crankshaft sensorCrankshaft sensor
0170x11SMG switching processSMG shift sequence 
0180x12GKS driverVANOS pressure-accumulator valveMap controlled thermostat actuator
0190x13Secondary air pump relayRelay, secondary air pumpSecondary air pump relay
0200x14Start relayStart relayStarter relay
0210x15AVANOS1-late valveExhaust VANOS, retard valveExhaust camshaft VANOS retard valve, Cyl #1 -4
0220x16AVANOS1-early valveExhaust VANOS, advance valveExhaust camshaft VANOS advance valve, Cyl #1-4
0230x17Ignition coil 2Ignition coil, cyl. 2Ignition Coil, Cyl #2
0240x18Ignition coil 3Ignition coil, cyl. 3Ignition Coil, Cyl #3
0250x19Ignition coil 1Ignition coil, cyl. 1Ignition Coil, Cyl #1
0260x1AIgnition coil 8Ignition coil, cyl. 8Ignition Coil, Cyl #8
0270x1BTank leakage diagnosis valveDMTL changeover valveOM-TL SWitching valve
0280x1CGKS regulatorFunction, map coolingMap controlled thermostat control
0290x1DIdling control opening coilIdle speed control valve,NC-contact windingIdle speed actuator (open)
0300x1EMonitoring AD-converterInternal DME faultControl unit self-test. AID converter monitoring
0310x1FIntake valve 5Fuel injector, cyl. 5Fuel Injector, Cyl #5
0320x20Intake valve 6Fuel injector, cyl. 6Fuel injector, Cyl #6
0330x21Intake valve 4Fuel injector, cyl. 4Fuel injector, Cyl #4
0340x22Intake valve 7Fuel injector, cyl. 7Fuel injector, Cyl #7
0350x23Intake valve 8Fuel injector, cyl. 8Fuel injector, Cyl #8
0360x24Tank ventilation valveTank venting valveEvaporative emission purge control valve
0370x25Lambda sensor heating 1 before cat.Oxygen sensor heater before cat., cyl. 1-3PreCat 02 sensor heater control, Cyl #1-4
0380x26Lambda sensor heating 2 before cat.Oxygen sensor heater before cat., cyl. 4-6PreCat 02 sensor heater control, Cyl #5·8
0390x27Lambda sensor heating 1 after cat. Oxygen sensor heater after cat., cyl. 1-3AfterCat 02 sensor heater control, Cyl #1-4
0400x28Lambda sensor heating 2 after cat. Oxygen sensor heater after cat., cyl. 4-6AfterCat 02 sensor heater control, Cyl #5·8
0410x29Air mass sensor 1Signal, mass air flow sensorAir mass sensor, Cyl #1-4
0420x2ADirect speed inputRoad speed signal PIN 4-22Vehicle speed input signal. hardwired A signal
0430x2BCooling water outlet temperature sensorSignal, temperature sensor, radiator outletRadiator outlet temperature sensor
0440x2CSignal active oil level sensorSignal, thermal oil level sensorThermal oil level sensor
0450x2DEDK-hardwareElectric throttle: servomotorDrive-by-wire throttle actuator driver
0460x2EConsumption signal output KVAOutput, consumption signal KVAFuel consumption (KVA) s1gnal output
0470x2FEngine speed signal output TDOutput, engine-speed signal TDEngine RPM (TO) signal output
0480x30Relay A/C compressorInterface, IHKA (E46)/relay, A/C compressor (E36/7)A/C Compressor relay
0490x31internal index 95  
0500x32Ignition coil 4Ignition coil, cyl. 4Ignition Coil, Cyl #4
0510x33Ignition coil 6Ignition coil, cyl. 6Ignition Coil. Cyl #6
0520x34Ignition coil 5Ignition coil, cyl. 5Ignition Coil, Cyl #5
0530x35Electronic fanInterface, electric fan (E46)/relay, electric fan, stage 2 (E36/7)Electronic fan (relay)
0540x36Main relay for supply voltageSystem voltage, main relayBattery voltage behind main relay
0550x37Ignition coil 7Ignition coil, cyl. 7Ignition Coil, Cyl #7
0560x38internal index 96  
0570x39Air mass sensor 2Signal, mass air flow sensor, leftAir mass sensor, Cyl #5·8
0580x3ASensor supply 1 MasterVoltage supply, sensors 1Sensor voltage supply 1
0590x3BSensor supply 2 MasterVoltage supply, sensors 2Sensor voltage supply 2
0600x3CPedal value sensor 1Signal, pedal travel sensor 1Pedal position sensor 1, master measurement
0610x3DPedal value sensor 2Signal, pedal travel sensor 2Pedal position sensor 2, master measurement
0620x3Einternal index 97  
0630x3FSecondary air valveSecondary air valveSecondary air switching valve
0640x40internal index 98VANOS supplementary components 
0650x41Throttle valve pot. 2 SlaveSignal, throttle potentiometer and el. throttle actuatorThrottle position sensor 2, slave measurement
0660x42EWS-interfaceEWS interface: no communicationEWS interface
0670x43EVANOS1-early valveInlet VANOS, advance valveIntake camshaft VANOS advance valve, Cyl #1-4
0680x44SMG safety concept SMG safety concept 
0690x45Knocking sensor 3Signal, knock sensor, cyl. 3-4Knock sensor, Cyl #5-6
0700x46Knockingsensor 2Signal, knock sensor, cyl. 5-6Knock sensor, Cyl #3-4
0710x47Knocking sensor 4Switch, driving dynamicsKnock sensor, Cyl #7-8
0720x48EVANOS1-late valveInlet VANOS, retard valveIntake camshaft VANOS retard valve, Cyl #1-4
0730x49Air mass to DKG-adjustment not plausibleSignal, mass air flow sensor, implausibleAir mass sensor, plausibility
0740x4AEVANOS2-early valve3Inlet VANOS, bank 2, advance valveIntake camshaft VANOS advance valve, Cyl #5-8
0750x4BEVANOS2-late valve Inlet VANOS, bank 2, retard valveIntake camshaft VANOS retard valve, Cyl #5·8
0760x4Cinternal: Surrounding pressure sensorAmbient pressure sensor (DME internal)Ambient pressure sensor
0770x4DManifold air temperature sensorSignal, temperature sensor, intake airIntake air temperature sensor
0780x4ECooling water temperature sensorBSignal, temperature sensor, coolantCoolant temperature sensor
0790x4FExhaust temperature sensorSignal, temperature sensor, exhaust gasExhaust gas temperature sensor
0800x50Switch chain gripSwitch chain, frictional connectionSwitch-chain grip
0810x51MFL-interfaceInterface, multifunction steering wheel (E46) / steering-column stalk (E36/7)MFL interface signal
0820x52Exhaust valveActivation, exhaust flapMuffler flap
0830x53AVANOS2-early valveExhaust VANOS, bank 2, advance valveExhaust camshaft VANOS advance valve, Cyl #5-8
0840x54AVANOS2-late valveExhaust VANOS, bank 2, retard valveExhaust camshaft VANOS retard valve, Cyl #5-8
0850x55EDK-sensorSignal, throttle-valve potentiometerThrottle position sensor, master measurement
0860x56CAN-Bus DMENo CAN-bus signal to DMECAN bus offline
0870x57Lambda sensor 1 after cat.Signal, oxygen sensor after cat., cyl. 1-3AfterCat 02 sensor voltage, Cyl #1-4
0880x58Lambda sensor 2 after cat.Signal, oxygen sensor after cat., cyl. 4-6AfterCat 02 sensor voltage, Cyl #5·8
0890x59internal index 240Internal DME faultControl unit self-test, Safety Concept slave check
0900x5APre-cat sensor 1 TV-shiftTrim control, cyl. 1-3PreCat 02 sensor aging, Cy\ #1-4
0910x5BPre-cat sensor 2 TV-shiftTrim control, cyl. 4-6PreCat 02 sensor aging, Cyl #5-8
0920x5CPost-cat sensor 1 voltage monitoringOxygen sensor after cat., cyl. 1-3: voltage monitoringAfterCat 02 sensor aging, Cyl #1-4
0930x5DPost-cat sensor 2 voltage monitoringOxygen sensor after cat., cyl. 4-6: voltage monitoringAfterCat 02 sensor aging, Cyl #5-8
0940x5Einternal index 241Inlet-VANOS adaptation 
0950x5Finternal index 242Exhaust-VANOS adaptation 
0960x60plausibility coolant outtaken temperatureRadiator outlet temperature implausible 
0970x61internal index 244  
0980x62internal index 245  
0990x63internal index 246Internal DME faultControl unit self-test, Safety Concept master check
1000x64Tire pressure left frontInternal errorTire pressure left front
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DecimalHexINPA DescriptionDIS DescriptionPeake reader Description
1010x65Tire pressure right frontSignal, tire pressure, front rightTire pressure right front
1020x66Tire pressure right backSignal, tire pressure, rear rightTire pressure right back
1030x67Tire pressure left backSignal, tire pressure, rear leftTire pressure left back
1040x68internal index 86??? Wrong values in fault memory 
1050x69Plausibility engine temperatureSignal, engine temperature implausible. Temperature sensor possibly tampered with or faulty or thermostat jammed.Engine coolant temperature, Plausibility
1060x6ABrake light switchSignal, brake light switchBrake light switch
1070x6BSelf test EGAS-actuatorElectric throttle: self-testControl unit self-test, pre-drive check of drive-by-wire system
1080x6COil valve leftActivation, oil circuit changeover valve, leftSwitching valve oil circuit left
1090x6DOil valve rightActivation, oil circuit changeover valve, rightSwitching valve oil circuit right
1100x6ELED dynamic drive switchFunction light, switch, driving dynamicsSport switch LED indicator
1110x6FPedal value comparison 1Pedal travel sensor, comparison faultPedal position sensor 1, cross check
1120x70Pedal value comparison 2Pedal-position sensor, comparison faultPedal position sensor 2, cross check
1130x71EVANOS2-regulationFunction, inlet VANOS, bank 2Intake camshaft VANOS position control, Cyl #5-8
1140x72AVANOS2-regulationFunction, exhaust VANOS, bank 2Exhaust camshaft VANOS position control,Cyl #5-8
1150x73internal: ECU-temperatureSensor, control module temp. (DME internal), or button, tire pressureControl unit self-test, internal ECU temperature
1160x74Servotronik valve measurement of currentActivation, valve, ServotronicServotronic valve current
1170x75Servotronik measurement of speed signalRoad speed signal via CANServotronic speed sig nat
1180x76Throttle valve pot. 1Electric throttle: signal, potentiometer, throttleThrottle position sensor 1
1190x77Throttle valve pot. 2Signal, potentiometer, servomotorThrottle position sensor 2
1200x78Comparison throttle valve pot.Electric throttle: potentiometer, signal comparisonThrottle position sensors, cross check
1210x79Both throttle valve pots.Electric throttle: both potentiometers faultyThrottle position sensors, both bad
1220x7Ainternal: Master processor checkDME internal processor checkControl unit self-test, master processor
1230x7BBus-Off local SMG-CANNo CAN-bus signal from SMGBus offline, SMG-CAN
1240x7Cpotentiometer sound flap GKSActivation, active engine mountActive engine bearing
1250x7DSpoiler adjustment/TOG-lampFunction lamp, oil levelSpoiler adjustment
1260x7EEKP-crash-disconnectionCrash deactivation, fuel pumpFuel pump crash shut-off
1270x7FTank leakage diagnosis moduleActivation, DMTL pumpOM-TL module
1280x80Deviation idling speedDeviation, idle speedIdle speed deviation
1290x81KAT protection activated at empty petrol tankCat. protection function due to empty tank or lack of fuel 
1300x82EWS-signal manipulationEWS 3.3 tampering protectionEWS signal, manipulation detected
1310x83DSC-intervention not plausibleDSC intervention implausibleDSC intervention, plausibility
1320x84Time out DSC-messageCAN timeout DSCDSC message timeout
1330x85Time out LWS-messageCAN timeout, steering angle sensorSteering angle sensor message timeout
1340x86Time out KOMBI-messageCAN timeout, instrument clusterInstrument Cluster message timeout
1350x87Both V-Signal sourcesNo road speed signalVehicle speed signals (both Discrete & CAN)
1360x88Idle speed regulatorFunction, idle speed controlIdle speed controller
1370x89Jet stream pumpSuction-jet pumpJet stream pump
1380x8ADifferential lockActivation, differential lockDifferential lock
1390x8BCruise control systemnterruption, cruise-control operationCruise control system
1400x8CEngine noiseKnock control deactivated/knock protectionEngine noise too high
1410x8DFilling value plausibilisationTank fill level implausibleFuel level, plausibility
1420x8ESystem jet stream pumpSystem check, suction jet pump for brake boosting 
1430x8FE-box-fanActivation, electronics box fanE-box-fan
1440x90Lambda regulator 1Function, oxygen sensor control, cyl. 1-3Fuel control, Cyl #1-4
1450x91Lambda regulator 2Function, oxygen sensor control, cyl. 4-6Fuel control, Cyl #5·8
1460x92internal index 105  
1470x93internal index 106??? Function, map cooling 
1480x94internal index 107EWS 3.3 interface DME-EWS/Interface, electronic engine immobiliser 
1490x95Error if tank is emptyFault with empty tankMisfire w/ empty fuel tank
1500x96internal: Memory test MasterDME memory faultControl unit self-test, memory test master
1510x97internal: driver diagnostics chainInternal DME faultControl unit se~·test, driver diagnostics chain
1520x98internal: Communication master Control unit self-test, communication master
1530x99internal index 87  
1540x9Acrankcase ventingCrankcase breather 
1550x9Binternal: Adaption-EEPROM masterStoring adaptation values not possibleControl unit self-test, adaption EEPROM master
1560x9Cinternal: Adaption-EEPROM SlaveStoring adaptation values not possibleControl unit self-test, adaption EEPROM slave
1570x9Dinternal: Memory test SlaveDME memory faultControl unit self-test, memory test slave
1580x9Einternal: Resets SlaveReset DME possibly due to overspeedControl unit se~·test, communication slave
1590x9FKnock IC 1Internal DME fault: knock controlControl unit self-test, knock detection IC 1
1600xA0Knock IC 2Internal DME fault: knock controlControl unit self-test, knock detection IC 2
1610xA1internal: Knock signal pathInternal DME fault: knock controlKnock control
1620xA2Synchronisation CS-sensor 2 with KWCamshaft sensor, bank 2: synchronization to crankshaftCrankshafUCamshaft position correlation, Cyl #5-8
1630xA3internal: Resets MasterReset DME possibly due to overspeedControl unit self-test, master resets
1640xA4internal index 99??? Atmospheric-pressure sensor 
1650xA5internal index 100  
1660xA6internal index 101  
1670xA7internal index 102  
1680xA8internal index 103??? Activation, fault lamp (Check Engine) 
1690xA9internal index 104  
1700xAAMinimum flow of secondary airSecondary air quantity too lowSecondary air system, flow too low
1710xABSecondary air valve stuckFunction, secondary air injector valveSecondary air system, valve sticking
1720xACVanos-pressure storage valveVANOS admission pressure pumpVANOS pressure storage valve
1730xADKL50 starter switch0Continuous signal term. 50, starter switchStarter switch input
1740xAEFuel system diagnosis 1Multiplicative mixture adaptation, cyl. 1-3 control limit reachedAir-fuel adaptation, Cyl #1-4
1750xAFFuel system diagnosis 2Multiplicative mixture adaptation, cyl. 4-6 control limit reachedAir-fuel adaptation, Cyl #5-8
1760xB0internal index 174Abort, Tank leakage diagnosis, due to moistureAir-fuel adaptation at idle, Cyl #1-4
1770xB1MIL external infoMIL lights up due to prompt from SMGAir-fuel adaptation at idle, Cyl #5·8
1780xB2KAT-conversion 1Catalytic converter conversion, cyl. 1-3Catalyst system efficiency, Cyl #1·4
1790xB3KAT-conversion 2Catalytic converter conversion, cyl. 4-6Catalyst system efficiency, Cyl #5-8
1800xB4Tank leakTank leak detectedTank leak detected
1810xB5Info Tank cap missingFuel filler cap open/missingFiller cap open
1820xB6Over-temperature on injection driver 1Internal DME faultInjection driver 1, over temp.
1830xB7Over-temperature on injection driver 2Internal DME faultInjection driver 2, over temp.
1840xB8EVANOS1 regulationFunction, inlet VANOSIntake camshaft VANOS position control, Cyl #1-4
1850xB9AVANOS1 regulationFunction, exhaust VANOSExhaust camshaft VANOS pos1bon control Cy1 #1-4
1860xBA Ignition coil, cylinder 1Ignition output stage, Cy1 #1
1870xBB Ignition coil, cylinder 2Ignition output stage. Cy1 #2
1880xBC Ignition coil, cylinder 3Ignition output stage, Cy1 #3
1890xBD Ignition coil, cylinder 4Ignition output stage, Cyl #4
1900xBE Ignition coil, cylinder 5Ignition output stage, Cy1 #5
1910xBF Ignition coil, cylinder 6Ignition output stage, Cyl #6
1920xC0 Ignition coil, cylinder 7Ignition output stage, Cyl #7
1930xC1 Ignition coil, cylinder 8Ignition output stage, Cy1 #8
1940xC2Safety check disconnection FGRElectric throttle, limp home program from cruise control modeControl un1t self-test. cruise control shut-off
1950xC3Monitoring torque managerDeviation, setpoint torque from actual torqueControl unit self-test. torque manager mon1tonng
1960xC4Misfire cyl. 1 cat.-dam.Misfire, cyl.1, with cylinder cutoutMisfire. Cy1 #1
1970xC5Misfire cyl. 2 cat.-dam.Misfire, cyl.2, with cylinder cutoutMisfire. Cy1 #2
1980xC6Misfire cyl. 3 cat.-dam.Misfire, cyl.3, with cylinder cutoutMisfire Cy1 #3
1990xC7Misfire cyl. 4 cat.-dam.Misfire, cyl.4, with cylinder cutoutMisfire. Cy1 #4
2000xC8Misfire cyl. 5 cat.-dam.Misfire, cyl.5, with cylinder cutoutMisfire. Cyl #5
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DecimalHexINPA DescriptionDIS DescriptionPeake reader Description
2010xC9Misfire cyl. 6 cat.-dam.Misfire, cyl.6, with cylinder cutoutMisfire, Cyl #6
2020xCAMisfire cyl. 7 cat.-dam.Misfire, cyl.7, with cylinder cutoutMisfire. Cyl #7
2030xCBMisfire cyl. 8 cat.-dam.Misfire, cyl.8, with cylinder cutoutMisfire. Cyl #8
2040xCCMisfire of multiple cyl. cat.-dam.Misfiring, several cylinders, with cylinder cutoutW.sfire mulbple cylmders
2050xCDMisfire cyl. 1 ExhaustMisfire, cyl.1, without cylinder cutoutMsfire dunng warm-up. Cy1 #1
2060xCEMisfire cyl. 2 ExhaustMisfire, cyl.2, without cylinder cutoutMsfire dunng warm-up, Cy1 #2
2070xCFMisfire cyl. 3 ExhaustMisfire, cyl.3, without cylinder cutoutMisfire dunng warm-up, Cy1 #3
2080xD0Misfire cyl. 4 ExhaustMisfire, cyl.4, without cylinder cutoutMisfire dunng warm-up, Cy1 #4
2090xD1Misfire cyl. 5 ExhaustMisfire, cyl.5, without cylinder cutoutMisfire dunng warm-up, Cyl #5
2100xD2Misfire cyl. 6 ExhaustMisfire, cyl.6, without cylinder cutoutMisfire dunng warm-up, Cyl #fj
2110xD3Misfire cyl. 7 ExhaustMisfire, cyl.7, without cylinder cutoutMisfire during warm-up, Cyl #7
2120xD4Misfire cyl. 8 ExhaustMisfire, cyl.8, without cylinder cutoutMisfire dunng warm-up, Cyl #8
2130xD5Misfire of multiple cyl. ExhaustMisfiring of several cylinders without cylinder cutoutMisfire dunng warm-up, multiple cylinders
2140xD6Pre-cat sensor 1 period lengthOxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 1-3, period durationPreCat 02 sensor slow response. Cyl #1-4
2150xD7Pre-cat sensor 2 period lengthOxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 4-6, period durationPreCat 02 sensor slow response Cy1 #5-8
2160xD8Pre-cat sensor 1 rise timeOxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 1-3, jump timePreCat 02 sensor slow switchmg (nch too lean) Cyl #1-4
2170xD9Pre-cat sensor 2 rise timeOxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 4-6, jump timePreCat 02 sensor slow swllchmg (nch too lean), Cyl #5-8
2180xDAPre-cat sensor 1 signal displacementOxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 1-3, signal deviationPreCat 02 sensor signal Size/amplitude, Cyl #1-4
2190xDBPre-cat sensor 2 signal displacementOxygen sensor before cat., cyl. 4-6, signal deviationPreCat 02 sensor signal size/amplitude, Cyl #5-8
2200xDCinternal index 235DME internal processor check 
2210xDDsystemcheck crankcase ventingSystem test, crankcase breather 
2220xDECAN timeout ZSGNo CAN-bus signal from supplementary control module 
2230xDFpreasure intaken manifoldCharge-air pressure sensor, range check 
2240xE0plausibility loading signal  
2250xE1environmental temperatureOutside temperature from instrument cluster implausible 
2260xE2Kombi relative timeTime value from instrument cluster implausible 
2270xE3internal index 79??? Activation, battery disconnecting switch 
2280xE4EGAS-actuatorElectric throttle: limit violationDrie-by-Wire, throttle control failure
2290xE5EGAS-regulationElectric throttle: control deviationDrie-by-Wire. throttle control fa11ure
2300xE6EGAS-Nominal/actual-comparisonElectric throttle: setpoint/actual-value monitoringDrie-by-Wire. throttle poSition failure
2310xE7internal: slave processor checkDME internal processor checkControl un1t self-test, slave processor check
2320xE8Function check TEVFunction test, tank ventilation systemEvaporatve emssions purge valve functional check
2330xE9internal index 85??? Activation, automatic starting device 
2470xF7  VANOS pressure accumulator valve
2480xF8  Intake camshaft VANOS moving time, Cyl #1-4
2490xF9  Exhaust camshaft VANOS moving bme. Cyl #1-4
2500xFA  Intake camshaft VANOS sealing Cyl #1-4
2510xFB  Exhaust camshaft VANOS sealing Cy1 #1-4
2520xFC  Intake camshaft VANOS lllO'IIng time. Cyl #5-8
2530xFD  Exhaust camshaft VANOS mOVIng bme, Cyl #5-8
2540xFE  Intake camshaft VANOS sealing, Cyl #5-8
2550xFF  Exhaust camshaft VANOS seal1ng. Cyl #5-8
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I personally love this. The only thing I wish was feasible to add would be an explanation of what would be the cause for the code, or what the threshold is that would trigger the code. That would be an insane amount of work though! haha
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I was thinking of making post 1 one single explanation table with how I interpret the codes, and maybe adding OBD2 references, but the way the OBD2 codes are triggered seem more complicated. For example, BMW code 105, could trigger P0115, P0116, P0125 or P0128 depending on the conditions of the code, how fast the car warmed up, etc and vice versa. The same OBD2 code could be triggered by several different BMW codes (o2 sensor for example). I'm just not sure how to put that in a table..
Putting the thresholds in a table is even more complicated... For those, you're better off checking the A2L file... Each sensor has multiple thresholds, Voltage, flow, temperature, time, I wouldn't know where to begin. If you feel like putting them together though, go for it.
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Awesome work as always Nikolai!

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wow, Nikolai doin' work lol


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