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Default PE | S54 Rod Bearing Replacement Services & Kit

Performance Eurowerks | S54 Rod Bearings Replacement Services
Rod bearings has been quite the hot topic for many of the BMW M cars. Unfortunately, many of the motors have been subject to exacerbated rod bearing wear, so much that BMW even offered a warrantied replacement during the E46 M3 production. As these cars age and enthusiasts continue to enjoy them for the long haul, we find that doing a proper rod bearing replacement should be considered a routine preventative maintenance measure in assuring you'll be enjoying your S54B32 without any hiccups.

From our experience, we are able to put together a fairly thorough kit that covers well majority of the bases during the overhaul. In addition, we offer optional services that can be conducted at the same time to save drastically in future labor.

Services Performed
Inspect/Replace Connecting Rod Bearings
Inspect Rod Journals
Inspect Oil Pump Nut
Clean Oil Pan, Pump, and Return Lines
Oil Service
Photo Documentation for Records

Items Included
Connecting Rod Bearings
Rod Bolts
Oil Pan Gasket
Oil and Oil Service Kit
Assortment of Bolts

Optional Items/Services
WPC Treatment for Rod Bearings
ARP Rod Bolts
Motor Mounts
Steering Flex Disk
Mechanical Fan
Blackstone Laboratories Oil Analysis

Our rod bearing packages can vary so greatly pending what individuals need, so please, never hesitate to get in touch with us to get a quote. Pending the build date of your vehicle can always change the end part list.

We can also offer packages for the S62B50, S65B40, and S85B50.

Oil pan removed, exposing the bottom of the motor.

Rod bearings removed, exposing the crank journals.

WPC treated OE rod bearings versus original.

All 12 rod bearings removed for visual inspection.


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