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Check the electrical connection to test if there is power supply to it. Then jump it with some power to see if it will run. It will be underneath the connector. The AUX fan on the highway shouldn't be an issue anways. Usually it will come on in traffic and due to the colder climates while driving you shouldn't have an issue. My cousin doesn't even run one ever in the winter. I had to make his a manual switch.

It can be a bad thermostat which I would say would be the culprit but not AUX fan.

Symptoms of a bad AUX fan is in traffic it would overheat or just keeping it idle. Also try to pressure test your whole system you might have a small leak.

Another test to see if it will kick on (fan) would be turn it to the blue(cold) and put the A/C button on. Blast it and stand and see if the aux fan will turn. It should turn within a minute or two.

Good luck I hate e36 gremlins I've had about a dozen or so of these cars and own two currently so I know a lot of their cooling system failures.

3/4 towards red won't do any damage to your vehicle.

Another possible thing is AIR in your system. Try rebleeding the system. Does your heat work well?
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